As you may have heard Radioactive water has been leaking from the Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant into the Pacific Ocean. Only recently were Japanese officials able to stop the leak, but a large amount of radiation tainted water has entered the ocean. This raises concerns of the Fish in those waters being exposed to radiation and then being sent to the United States to be sold to consumers and sold at restaurants. And off Japan's east coast, radioactive traces have now been found in popular small fish known as young lance. Ten fishing co-operatives in the affected zone have now banned or suspended fishing for that delicacy. The fresh fish imported from japan industry made $236 million last year.

The FDA has done tests on fish imported from Japan and says that there are no traces of radiation in them, the United States government has said there is no need for concern. However many consumers are still concerned and are avoiding all fish and food from Japan. Some restaurants have stopped serving fish from Japan but there are still some serving it. The chances of radiation tainted fish entering the U.S. is very high and it is a known fact that radiation has far worst effects when digested than when exposed externally. It is advised that children and women who are pregnant and breast feeding should avoid all food and fish from Japan.

India also halted all food imports from Japan, and many other countries are doing the same. Many Americans are not taking the risk of consuming any foods from Japan as the nuclear disaster there has not yet been resolved.